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From The Pen Of iSiKolo 2020

Dear Client WHAT A YEAR 2020 HAS BEEN THUS FAR! Here are some of the issues we need to take cognisance of:

  1. THE EAAB According to the EAAB website they will gradually be reopening as from 1 July – Amidst strict Covid-19 regulations.
  2. THE PROPERTY PRACTITIONERS BILL The EAAB foresees the Act coming into effect this year. With all the Covid-19 drama one doubts if everything will be in place this year for this to happen. We shall have to wait and see. However, we are part of a regulated industry. You need to obtain your qualifications and meet the requirements laid down by the regulator. Or else – no FFC. Don’t wait for a warning from the EAAB- act now- you cannot compromise your income.
  3. CPD The eLearning is not available as yet. Usually the EAAB uses the slideshows from the Roadshows for this purpose. However, since no roadshows were held, we don’t know that the EAAB will propose to address this matter. We shall keep you posted on any new arrangements. There is no deferment of the CPD at this stage.
  4. AUDIT REPORTS The annual audit reports for companies whose financial year ended in 29 February 2020 needs to be submitted by 30 June 2020. The EAAB has made an application to the Executive Board for the date of submission to be moved to 30 September. The extension has not been granted as yet. Hence we have to assume that the deadline remains 4 months after end date of financial year. i.e. 30 June 2020. The EAAB has announced that no late submission penalties will be charged.
  5. FFC RENEWALS These are only due for renewal by 31 October latest. Nothing has changed in this respect.

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